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Peter Erskine

Legendary drummer for Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius, Steely Dan, Maynard Ferguson, Barbara Streisand, Stan Kenton, Diana Krall, Steps Ahead

"Well … hearing is believing. I set-up my 22” bass drum with the Kicker in-place and was immediately impressed by the quality of the low-end sound coming from the drum … whatever the technical explanation, it seems a better, more practical and consistent solution than my using a pillow! I’m quite impressed by the product."

Jerry Marotta

Legendary Drummer for Peter Gabriel, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Tears for Fears, Joan Armatrading, Paul McCartney, Sarah McLachlan, John Mayer and others.

“The Kicker is awesome! It’s made every Bass drum of mine sound better! I sleep better at night as well. All my pillows are back in my bedroom where they belong.”

Nir Zidkyahu

Drummer for John Mayer, Genesis, Chris Cornell, Jason Mraz, Joss Stone, Alana Davis, Blake Shelton

"Kicker is a simple and very effective way to get rid of any unwanted overtones, it sounds great! I like the fact that it doesn’t move inside the bass drum, therefore, the sound is very consistent."

Paul Wertico

Legendary Drummer for the Pat Metheny Group, Larry Coryell Power Trio, Wertico Cain & Gray, Kurt Elling, Paul Winter, Howard Levy, Ken Nordine, Associate Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Music at Roosevelt University.

“I love the Kicker! Depending on the musical situation, I use different sized bass drums and the Kicker makes all my bass drums sing with clarity and a beautiful boost to each drum’s low-end. Its design is also truly versatile and it seems like the more I use my Kickers, the more I find new sonic possibilities.”

Shane Gaalaas

Drummer for B’z, Toque, Diesel Machine, Cosmosquad, Slash, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Kollman

"The best bass drum mute I’ve ever used, period! The feel is outstanding… perfect bounce/squish ratio. The design is genius… easily add or take away the amount of mute you want. But most importantly, when I A/B’d my old (pillow mute) recorded bass drum against the new 'Kicker' muted bass drum, the difference was apparent. It added low end and punch without adding muddiness. Also, cleaned up the clacky high end, unwanted beater noise."

Harry McCarthy

Drum Paradise Nashville Inc.

“Kicker 4.0 gives me the flexibility for a punchy tight bass drum sound and the removable tubes allows for adding resonance. Recording drums or playing live, this is a must-have for any drummer!

Pete Merriweather

Legendary Drummer for EnVogue, BeBe Winans, Bernie Mac, After 7, Paris Escovedo, Cherrelle, Kotton Mouth Kings, Club Black, and Blu. SlaamD & Everette B. Walters

"Man, give the pillows and blankets, back to the kids... the babies are cold... Get yourself a Kicker... your Kids would be happy !! I LOVE THE PRODUCT"

Robbie Cope

Drum Technician for Corey Taylor/Devin Townsend, Shania Twain, B52s, Marilyn Manson, Pat Benatar, The Go-Go's, Miley Cyrus, Tour Link Top Dog Awards - 2017/2018 - Winner - Drum Tech of The Year

"The Sonitus Acoustics Kicker is the best head to head bass drum muffler I've ever used. Very solid construction and extremely versatile with the removable tubes and top section to allow for fine-tuning and securing a boundary mic".

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