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You bought great speakers. You have the amplifier that just got glowing reviews. You’re listening to high bit-rate music streams. Your wants are simple.  You work hard.  You spent a mint. You simply want better sound from your system. You’re told it’s in there, waiting to get out.  It’s just not coming together.  Get our free report and learn how to avoid wasting any more time and money.


Double Your Sound Quality

Take Control of Your Room Acoustics with Engineered Acoustical Control Systems that Actually Work

Most rooms ruin your sound quality because of acoustics. It can be hard to figure out the fixes but Sonitus USA solves it for you with pre-engineered acoustical tuning systems. Now you can experience ultra-clear sound!

Our systems are pre-engineered by an Award Winning team that developed Dolby and THX home audio technology and has designed and calibrated over 1,500 rooms. Their combined talent in audio and acoustics is unmatched.

Room acoustics is confusing. The amount of time and money you could waste on sound improvement gizmos is endless. We'll help you get the most bang for your buck by getting your room's acoustics right.

When your room's acoustics leave almost everyone "out of the sweet spot" it's embarrassing. Once your room works for you instead of against you, you'll relax knowing everyone is enjoying amazing, ultra-clear sound.

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Your room is ruining your sound quality.

Sonitus USA simplifies acoustics with pre-engineered room tuning systems so you can experience ultra-clear sound.

Your room is the final link between your system and your ears. Without control of its acoustics, the room will detract from the sound quality you experience, because you mainly receive reflected sound energy at your listening position.

Voices are unclear so you turn up the volume, and now they sound muddy. And explosions put your eardrums at risk. Sound imaging doesn't seem to match the location intended. In the end, you can't quite process what you're hearing.

There is no doubt that you have to tune the room. But getting room acoustics right can be confusing and take a lot of precious time and money. That’s where we come in with our 60+ years of collective experience and over 1,500 projects under our belt. Our award-winning team has created a simple set of packages to help you through the process. Sonitus quality is exceptional and prices affordable. So you can be confident that you'll get a huge return on your investment in the form of ultra-clear sound quality.

After such a large investment, this is not what you envisioned!

Don't be fooled by these common myths:

Home Cinema or Music Systems:
You need to upgrade your cables.
You need to couple, de-couple, cones, pucks, insulators, etc.
You need to use a tube pre-amp, power-amp, DAC.

You need better mic pre-amps.
Monitoring at low levels reduces imperfect room acoustics.
You must record at 24/192.
You need better microphones
You need mic shielding.

And on and on and on....

You can waste your time and money in hundreds of ways.
The truth is, optimized acoustics will improve sound clarity 10X better than any of them.
But don't think you can just buy a couple dozen flat acoustic panels and put them on your walls to solve your problem (it won't - and you will have wasted your time and money).

If you want to do it right the first time, read on.

Here's a new (and better) approach:

Start enjoying ultra-clear sound quality.
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How we do it:

How did we figure this stuff out? A lot of science, coupled with trial and error in developing over 1,500 home cinemas, listening rooms, and pro studios. If you study up and endure the costs of experimenting for about 30 years, you'll probably figure it out yourself too. But we're guessing you don't have the time for that. So, we provide a proven "recipe" that packages the right combination of diffusers, absorbers and traps along with easy placement guidelines.

All you have to do now is choose your room type (home theater or studio), your quality/budget level and your room size (from 100 square feet up to 700 square feet) and then add the system to your cart!

Want to learn more about our approach?

The more you know, the more you'll appreciate the benefits of a pre-engineered system.

Here's just a taste of what we've learned:

The rules include the need to cover the walls with about 15% of absorptive surfaces – not more than 15% because you want some reflective surfaces - and about 20% of scattering surfaces, also known as diffusers. Absorbers remove sound reflection while diffusers break up reflection.

For ultimate sound quality when listening to speakers in a room, there is a known optimum ratio of direct sound to reflected sound. That is, the sound coming directly from the speakers versus the sound bouncing around the room that you also hear (in fact it's mostly what you hear). That knowledge comes from about 20 years of research from multiple groups internationally. These groups came up with a book that details a set of rules.

There are many types of diffusers, but we group them into  2 core categories: 2-dimensional diffusers, which reflect sound on a plane in the shape of a “hemi-disc” (a half disc shape). And 3-dimensional diffusers, which reflect sound as a hemisphere (a half sphere shape).

3D Hemispherical Diffusion

Finally, unlike theories that suggest all absorbers should be grouped together and all diffusers should be grouped separately, in our research across more than 1,000 rooms, we found that “interleaving” absorption and diffusion works best.

We put half of the diffusers in a room toward the front walls (2D diffusers) and the other half (3D diffusers) toward the back of the room.

2D Hemi-Disc Diffusion

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