What’s wrong with using bunches of foam panels like I've seen on YouTube?

Foam panels are absorbers and works specifically in higher frequencies.  The thinner the foam, the narrower the affected frequency band. It’s like taking a slider on a graphic EQ and turning it all the way down. If you use too many in a room you may eliminate some slap-echo but you will certainly change the rooms frequency balance for the worse.  The room will be muddy sounding-no life. Like so many things in life, it’s better to have a balanced approach with a combination of diffusors and absorbers placed strategically.

I've been told to upgrade my cabling and other components to improve my sound quality, why is it a better investment to treat my room acoustically?

You can waste your time and money in hundreds of ways. Whether you're building a home theater system or a studio you'll be tempted to "fix" sound problems with an endless stream of expensive approaches. But the truth is, optimized acoustics will improve sound clarity 10 times better than all of them.  Take it from the experts who have engineered over 1,000 rooms including professional recording studios and multi-million dollar home cinemas. There is no better investment you can make in sound clarity and quality than in acoustically treating your room.

Why shouldn't I just install foam absorbers to "sound-proof" my room?

Sound-proofing refers to isolating a room so sound does not “leak” into other rooms, adjacent or not. Sound-proofing won't improve the acoustical properties of the room, nor sound clarity and quality. Sonitus acoustical components are not intended to sound-proof a room. Rather, they help control sound in listening environments in unique different ways depending on which component is chosen, where it is placed and how it is placed.

How do I determine the right "room size" selection for my room?

Measure the length and width of your room, convert inches to decimals and then multiply the two. For example.  12' 4" x 11' 10" = 12.33 x 11.83 = 146 sq. ft. Then choose the room size range that fits. In our example that would be the 100-200 square foot range. If you're right on the edge, say 201 sq. ft., you'll get the best results by selecting the 201 - 300 sq. ft. system with the larger unit quantities, but you'll still get good results even with the lower quantities (i.e., by choosing the 100 to 200 sq. ft. system).

What is your warranty on components?

Sonitus USA. warranties this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 90 days following the date of delivery, provided that the product is used in a home or home studio environment. Read the full Limited Warranty here.

How do I install my acoustical panels?

Every component on our site has a recommended mounting method.   Some of the heavier components include a hanging system for wall mounting.  Glue is accurate and the most permanent – try an acrylic construction adhesive that cures fairly quickly so you won’t be holding the components in place long.  The Sonitus Magnetic Mounting System (SMMS) system allows for accurate placement but only works for lighter acoustical components.  Sonitus fiber panel components include wall mounting hardware we call a "profile". To hang cloud panels (ceiling mounting) screw hooks and loops are the recommended solution because they provide air space between the panel and the ceiling for better results. All mounting systems (other than glue) require specific wall anchors for your mounting surface. Get a professional recommendation from a contractor.  Most people will use a combination of mounting methods.  Finally, take your time, have a clear work area, make a plan, measure twice, mount once, and get a friend or better yet, consider hiring a qualified contractor and watch them do the work.

What mounting method works best for each component?

Here is a list of mounting solutions to use with specific acoustical components.  
SMMS = Sonitus Magnetic Mounting System. Video showing how to use SMMS
*Included wall mount system
Glue = Acrylic Construction Adhesive


Sharpsorber Pro 6 - SMMS (4magnets)  or Glue
Quadsorber Pro 8 - SMMS (4magnets)  or Glue
Leviter Shape 8 cm - SMMS (4magnets)  or Glue
Leviter Shape 12 cm - SMMS (4magnets)  or Glue
Decosorber Natur (Quad 8, Eva 8, Maze8, Dot 8, Hale 8, Serta 8, Twig 8, Deep Dot 8) - SMMS (4 - 5 magnets)  or Glue
Decosorber 0.5 (Quad or Eva) - SMMS (4magnets)  or Glue*
Fiber Panel (wall mount) - includedwall mount system or Glue
Fiber Panel (cloud ceiling mounting) -Hook and loop mounting - see video.

Massive (CombinedAbsorber/Diffusors or Diffusors):
*6 Strip Massive - included wall mount system
*Bigfusor II Massive - included wall mount system
*Decosorber Massive - included wall mount system


Bigfusor I - SMMS (4 magnets)  or Glue
Bigfusor II - SMMS (4 magnets)  or Glue
Sharpfusor - SMMS (4 magnets)  or Glue
Fourfusor - SMMS (4 magnets)  or Glue

Bass Traps:

Low Killer - SMMS (4 magnets)  or Glue
Big Trap - SMMS (4 magnets)  or GlueMini Trap - SMMS (4 magnets)  or Glue
Decotrap Natur Quad - SMMS (6 - 8magnets)  or Glue
Decotrap Natur Maze - SMMS (6 - 8 magnets)  or Glue

What if I need to return something?

You may return eligible products, for whatever reason, up to 30 days from the date of delivery. Eligible products must be in new condition, not used, and in the original packaging to qualify for a refund. Products that are not eligible to be returned include: Clearance items, all custom order products, products that have been assembled or modified in any way, and products sold as "Non-Returnable" as clearly indicated on that item's product page. Please contact our Customer Care Team at 415-883-1476 if you need to return an item. We will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)  for you to print and include with your returned packages. Read more on our Shipping & Returns information page here.

Do you offer acoustical design and/or engineering services?

Yes, our PMI (Performance Media Industries Ltd.) group offers these services and more. Call 415-883-1476 for more information about PMI services.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Not counting weekends and holidays we usually ship your order complete within 72 hours. If any components are not in stock you may receive them on a second shipment.  In any case, you will be notified of any backorders. If it is a large order, the components will be shipped on a pallets to minimize shipping damage and lost shipments. Scheduling your delivery is your responsibility. We will give you the shipper and tracking information.  If your order is shipped on pallet(s), it will be delivered curbside. You'll be responsible for moving the components from the pallet to a safe and dry location. The carrier will not unload, or wait for you to unload the pallet(s). Removing the pallet in a responsible way is also your responsibility. If you require inside delivery, pallet removal or other special services, there may be an additional charge – call us to place your order and quote you special shipping and delivery charges.

What is slap-echo?

Slap echo or slap-back is a single echo resulting from any 2 parallel reflective surfaces, characterized by a ringing at a frequency determined by the distance between the 2 surfaces – front-back walls, side-walls, floor/ceiling. So-called because you can test for slap echo by sharply clapping your hands and listening for the “report”.  We minimize slap-echoes by placing absorbing or diffusing components on room surfaces.  A balanced (use both) approach is best.

Are Sonitus Products fire-resistant or fire-proof or both?

Ultimately, nothing is completely fireproof.  Everything will burn, melt, or vaporize if you get it hot enough.  When something is labeled as fireproof, that means the same thing as fire resistant, but it sounds like it's better, so marketers will prefer to use the term.  Incidentally, an object is made to be fire resistant by the act of fireproofing (verb) it, and the material used to do this can be called fireproofing (noun).  You may then say the object is fireproof or fire resistant, but the terms mean the same thing.
Ref: Charles Evans, BS Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering, NortheasternUniversity (2018)

The Sonitus polyester foam components with (USAP) - Unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester – meet fire resistant FMVSS 302<100mm/min.  These include all Pro Series Quadsorber,Sharpsorber, Pyramis (special order) and Ovulum (special order).  Also covered are Leviter 8 and 12 cm, Leviter STM (special order), Fiber Panels, Big Traps, Mini Trap, Low Killer and allKicker products. Not covered are Decosorbers & Decotrap Natur Series,Massive Series, all Diffusors, and Vilis. The FTT FMVSS 302is manufactured according to the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.302. The FMVSS 302 specifies the burn resistance requirements for materials used in the occupant compartments of motor vehicles (i.e. passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks and buses).  

What does Sonitus mean?

It's a Latin word for noise, loud sound.

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